New Polish House in Madrid


New Polish House (with Piotr Smierzewski’s own house H9) in Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid. Speakers at the Opening on Thursday 29 May 2014: Grzegorz Piatek (Centrum Architektury), Lukasz Wojciechowski (Architect, Wroclaw). The exhibition prepared by Aleksandra Stepnikowska and Agnieszka Rasmus-Zgorzelska from Centrum Architektury will be open till 28 July 2014. 

For Example. New Polish House is an exhibition that brings us closer to Polish familiy house architecture. New houses, well-thought-out, properly built with full awareness of the surroundings. They belong with global architectural tendencies but each of them stands alone by virtue of a particular aspect which governs each project. It may be an emphasis on ecology, a quest for a particular typology or a dialogue with the location. 

The exhibition “For Example. The New Polish House” presents nine selected designs for Polish single-family houses. The show includes synthetical models, photographs taken especially for the exhibition by Juliusz Sokołowski, one of Poland’s best architecture photographers, as well as a catalogue with further photographs, drawings, and texts by architecture critic Paweł Kraus and sociologist Joanna Kusiak.

The designs presented were designed by the following architects: Piotr Brzoza/Marcin Kwietowicz, hayakawa/kowalczyk, hs99, Robert Konieczny, Piotr Kuczia, jojko+nawrocki architekci, MAAS, Medusa group, Grzegorz Stiasny.

The current architecture landscape in Poland is influenced by the patterns of earlier architecture – from the country estates of the 19th century to the cubic buildings from the era of the People’s Republic – and blends this with the new experience of freedom and new possibilities of expression. The results resemble manor-houses, there are fortress-like buildings, “McResidences” and even mountain huts on the lowlands, all of which provide examples of a controversial eclecticism which stems from the ambitions and hopes of an increasingly prosperous society.

The curators from the Centrum Architektury – an independent Warsaw-based foundation – present built projects that offer an excellent impetus and basis for a debate about functional architecture and human needs, a debate that should not be conducted by experts alone. The houses selected set standards for a new kind of quality in house-building in Poland and provide guidelines for fut ure architects. For example.