ANALOG is an architecture studio run by Piotr Smierzewski and Partners.


Piotr Smierzewski studied architecture at the TU Gdansk from 1983-1988 and graduated at the OSU, Stillwater, USA in 1992. He had been teaching assistant at the OSU and assistant at the TU Gdansk and TU Darmstadt (Prof. B. Jakubeit/Prof. D. Eberle). In 2013-17 he lectured at the TU Koszalin.

Piotr worked in Germany from 1992-1999, where he run his own office Piotr Smierzewski Freier Architekt in Karlsruhe from 1995-1999. He later moved to Poland and founded HS99 with Dariusz Herman in 1999. 

Their most famous projects include the underground sacristy of Koszalin Cathedral (1998-2001), the seat of the Glos Pomorza daily newspaper (1997-2001), as well as the award-winning building of the Scientific Information Centre and Academic Library (CINiBA) in Katowice (2002-2012). In 2012 this building won the Grand Prix of the President of Poland in the Life in Architecture competition organised by Architektura-Murator. This was the first architectural prize in Poland ever awarded by the head of the state.

With HS99, Piotr Smierzewski was also shortlisted for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2013 (CINiBA), won the Building of the Year 2012 in the category of museums and libraries, awarded by members of the international ArchDaily news portal, for CINiBA. For residential building ZW109 in Koszalin they won the polish Brick Award 2015.


The projects by ANALOG stand out for a strong sense of “place” and deep knowledge of the theory of architecture, what allows to reduce architecture to its very essence.  





Selected Buildings, 1996-2016

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