Exhibition Polska. Architecture opens today in China (Guangzhou) and Ireland (Dublin).

“The exhibition shows the greatest Polish achievements in this field in recent years. In an austere graphic form and excellent photographs it presents 20 new or devalorized structures; the photos are accompanied by photo reports, sketches, drawings and quotations situating each structure in a broadly understood social and cultural context. The exhibition was first opened in Baku, Azerbaijan in June 2015, during the 1st European Games. Later it traveled to Bulgaria (shown in Plovdiv and Sofia), Macedonia (Skopje), and recently to China (Guangzhou) and Ireland (Dublin). In some of these places, the exhibition was accompanied by extra events: in Baku by an exhibition devoted to Polish architects working in this city at the turn of the 19th and 20th cent.; in Skopje it was preceded by an exhibition devoted to Polish architects who helped design and reconstruct this city after the 1963 devastating earthquake; in Guangzhou it was complemented by models of some of the presented buildings. Opening ceremonies included speeches by Polish diplomatic representatives, as well as lectures by Ewa Porebska (Skopje, Guangzhou) and Beata Tyler (Dublin).” 

T. Zylski, Architektura 02/2016